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bungalowpark de ijsvogel: zwembad, vakantiebungalows 913 en 914
Bungalow 913
Bungalow 914
vakantiebungalow 913
vakantiebungalow 914
It is in Holland Thursday 2021 April 15, Week 15.
Information cities and villages:

Voorthuizen / The weather in Voorthuizen
A site of the Ondernemers Vereniging Voorthuizen.

Vrije tijd Barneveld, Voorthuizen, Kootwijk, Garderen

VVV Amersfoort       Thursday-evening shops open to 9:00 PM
Amersfoort has a historical centre and is well worth a visit.
In the centre market on 3 locations: Lange Jan (large tower), front and behind the church: St. Joriskerk; 150 market stalls, Friday 7:30 AM-1:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM.

A site of the Garderense Ondernemers Vereniging.

The other Holland
Days out in the province of Gelderland

Provincie Utrecht
Discover the province of Utrecht


Parking gratuit in Voorthuizen, Garderen and Stroe, several places with parking disc.

Entree Sophia Hoeve

In the village Barneveld is a small area paid parking.

Paid parking in Amersfoort
Parking gratuit behind the fire station. Limburgsestraat or Brabantsestraat. Full? Drive over the bridge. Walk along the river "De Eem" to the town city. You can also park gratuit in the Woestijgerweg, near number 1. Walk along bicycle path and go over the train crossing and don′t go left or right but straight on to the town city.
Privat rentals on the same bungalowpark
Address: Sophia Hoeve, Lange Zuiderweg 142, 3781 PL Voorthuizen.
Sophia Hoeve is a part of Landgoed De IJsvogel

All bungalows are of the same size. The quality of all bungalows is high and they are all fairly new. The differences are in the design of the bungalow, the architecture of the garden and its location on the park: Along the water, half in the woods or otherwise. At the forest shade is faster, at the water you hears the sound of the fountains, at the entrance of the park you can see everyone come in. Briefly, it is just what you love. Each bungalow has its charm. You can easily take two bungalows for rent if you want to go on holiday together. Some bungalows have high quality photos, other low quality, but the bungalows are of simular quality.

Bungalow-913 Chalet Bos
Bungalow-914 Vakantiebungalow Bos
Bungalow-904 Chalet Groenbos
Bungalow-994 Chalet Groenbos
Bungalow-919 Chalet Vlinder suited for wheelchair
Bungalow-925 Chalet De Bosrand no veranda
Bungalow-924 M&M Chalet
Bungalow-968 MijnChalet
Bungalow-938 met boskavel
Bungalow-955 Chalet Timeless       (langere verhuur)
Bungalow-902 Chalet Bosvogel

See the map below on this page.

Paid parking in the city Utrecht
Parking gratuit is not easy. Walking to the centre is more than 2 km when parking in (address) 'Hijmans van den Berghlaan' and Monday to Friday after 11:00 AM.
PARKING-ADVICE: Parking 5 euro, included 5 persons free all trams and buses through the city Utrecht during your parking in Westraven (A12). First go in the garage you get a card with OV, then paying the 5 euro with that card and after this, then go with the same card in the tram to the centre. When you are back in Westraven you goes with the same card out of the parking-garage.
Parking gratuit possible in Amsterdam??
Parking gratuit, when you set your navigation to: Strekkerweg. Walks through Klaprozenweg and Ms. van Riemsdijkweg to the (left) boat, also gratuit, to Central Station. Back to your car take the (left) boat to NDSM-pier. It is 15 minutes sailing on the river Het IJ, an experience!!
Paid parking in the city Amsterdam-1
Parking 1 euro when arrival after 10:00 AM, 2 returns bus, metro, tram to city Amsterdam included. Go first to the P+R-office assistant to get the returns. When you are back you give the office assistant the returns and the parking card. Not duty when there are events.
Paid parking in the city Amsterdam-2
Parking 1 euro when arrival after 10:00 AM, 5 returns bus or metro or tram to city Amsterdam included. Go first to the office assistant to get the returns. You must check-in and check-out in the public transport (OV). When you are back you give the office assistant the returns and the parking card. Address: Piarcoplein 1. Route: A10: Afslag S102 (Basisweg). Another parkingplace (8 euro) is P+R Bos en Lommer, Address: Leeuwendalersweg 23b.

To the centre of Amsterdam!
Buy first at home a parking ticket for your car: 20 euro (2 days before)
P1 Parking Amsterdam Centrum (or park gratuit in the Strekkerweg, see above)
Interesting sites:

Nationale Motor Toerkalender

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Traffic / Road sign refers to location Chaletbos Voorthuizen
Location in the Netherlands

Sophia Hoeve (3781 PL, Voorthuizen)
Map Sophia Hoeve

Netherlands (Niederlande, Holland, Olandija, Pays-Bas): Veluwemeer with sandy beach and marina

In Biddinghuizen, opposite Elburg, it is a short walk from the particular holidayhome to the Veluwelake with sandy beach and marina. It is also near the Walibi Park. The holidayhome is situated on one of the Oostappen Groep Vakantieparken , namely Park Riviera Beach. The owners of the particular holidayhome are Jaap and Elly van Kranenburg 0031-33-6362332

Particulier vakantiehuis Biddinghuizen Oostappen Groep Vakantieparken Riviera Beach

Spain, 2,5 km from the Mediterranean Sea, between Alicante and Valencia

A friend of us also living in Woudenberg rents the Cottage Casa Manana for 4 to 6 persons in Moraira.

Vakantiehuis / Villa in Moraira, Costa Blanca, Spanje

Lithuania (Litauen, Litwa, Lietuva, Lituania) in the centre of the capital town Vilnius (Vilniaus, Wilno)

You can rent this apartment for your holiday, parking place included. You must walk 3 floors upstairs. 10 minutes walking to the main place in the centre of Vilnius. 2 bedrooms with each 2 beds. Equipment up to 7 persons is possible.

Appartement / Centre Vilniaus, capital town of Lithuania / Lietuva