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It is in Holland Thursday 2021 April 15, Week 15.
Cornmaze with playground.
2016: open until October 22
Address: Baron van Nagellstraat 104 in Voorthuizen
Monday to Saturday (until Aug27). Especially for children up to twelve.

Website: Voorthuizen, Maisdoolhof

Cornmaze in Voorthuizen
Embroiderymuseum in Barneveld. A collection of 10.000 works. Address: Espeterweg 7a. Only Wednesday 1:00PM-4:30PM

Website: Barneveld, Borduurmuseum

Embroiderymuseum in Barneveld
Old crafts and old toysmuseum. Drive to and through Voorthuizen and go always straight on, till you see and past The Egg. There is also a play area for young and old. Website: Ambachtenmuseum
Oude ambachten

Oud speelgoed
In the middle of National Park De Hoge Veluwe:
The Kröller-Müller Museum.
This museum houses a world famous collection of mainly 19th and 20th century art. It focuses on the extensive collection of works by Vincent van Gogh and the sculpture garden. Through Stroe to Address:Houtkampweg 9 in Otterlo

Website: Kroller-Muller Museum         Nationaal park De Hoge Veluwe

Kroller-Muller Museum

Dutch Poultry Museum
Address: Hessenweg 2a in Barneveld.

A unique museum in a beautiful complex where the history of chicken and egg captivatingly shown.

Website: Barneveld, Pluimveemuseum


Zoo address: Barchman Wuytierslaan 224 in Amersfoort has nearly 130 species in its collection. The animals are divided into six groups; mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, spiders and birds.

Website: Amersfoort, Dierenpark


In the heart of the Netherlands, on the outskirts of Apeldoorn, lies the 300 year old Palace Het Loo. Since 1984, this former Royal Palace after a thorough restoration as a museum open to the public. The costly furnished rooms reflect three centuries of occupation by De Oranjes (Queens/Kings of Holland), while the reconstructed gardens with their waterworks and gracefully lined flowerbeds the atmosphere of the 17th century breathe.

Go twice right when leaving the Sophia Hoeve, only straight on.

Website: Apeldoorn, Paleis Het Loo

Paleis Het Loo

In the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk lives a large group of more than 30 dolphins, spread over 2 locations: DolfijnenDelta and DolfijndoMijn.

Website: Harderwijk, Dolfinarium


Discover the world of the Military.
Website: the National Military Museum, Soest

the National Military Museum

Verlengde Paltzerweg 1
Monday closed