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It is in Holland Thursday 2021 April 15, Week 15.

Theme 2019: Travel around the world
The festival guarantees a unique and attractive getaway for the whole family. Sand art and the atmosphere around it are an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists and put the Veluwe more on the card. The festival is an eye-catcher of format.
′t Veluws Zandsculpturenfestijn
Oude Barnevelderweg 5 in Garderen.
Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 5:30PM, Saturday to 5PM.
Open until 2 november 2019

Zandsculpturen Garderen

Visit Old Town Amersfoort

In Amersfoort, home to more than 150,000 people. Free parking in street: Koppelweg. Walk along the Eem (river) to the city centre. Do not forget to visit the Eemhuis (library) on the Eemplein/Eemsquare (with Mediamarkt and Pathe).
Website: Amersfoort

Koppelpoort Amersfoort

27 April 2019: King's Day !!! The King and his family visit this day Amersfoort
A very big party. There will be a lot of people
Direction Voorthuizen you drive directly along the golf course Edda Huzid. Promotions: 9 or 18 holes, cup of coffee and a delicious brownie, incl. course booklet and bag Tees / Plate of the Day: Three course dinner (excl. drinks). Start time between 3 and 4 PM. 50 or 70 Euro.    Voorthuizen, Edda Huzid

Golfen/dagschotel Edda Huzid
Golfing for Beginners
If you turn left from the Sophia Hoeve follow the sign Zeumeren. Also for those who have never done in golf. From 8 years. There is Zeumeren more: Minigolf / Foot Golf / Outdoor / Beach / Education / Treasure Island (SchatEiland)

Website: Voorthuizen, Zeumeren

Shortgolf Zeumeren
Sunbathing on the beach
If you turn left from the Sophia Farm follow the sign Zeumeren. Parking costs € 4 per day. It is approximately 3 km from the Sophia Hoeve

Website: Voorthuizen, Zeumeren

Zwemmen Zeumeren
Walking around the lake of Zeumeren
There is an Animal ABC Route. Children follow the signs A - Z. Each character represents an animal (in Dutch language) in the accompanying booklet orders, trivia and games.

Website: Voorthuizen, Zeumeren

Wandelen Zeumeren
Children up to 12 years in Treasure Island adventure paradise play for hours and discover treasure hunting and gold panning, jumping and sliding, climbing, driving boats, participate in interactive games and much more! Please note the dress code (water and sand!).

Website: Voorthuizen, Zeumeren

Two hours of unlimited food and drink. About 400 meters from the Sophia Hoeve. It costs 1,85 euro per year of life up to 24,95 euros. There is a playground with a Playstation and a kart track.
Website: Restaurant direction Voorthuizen

Voortse Herberg
Juliana is located on the main road from Barneveld to Apeldoorn. If you leave the Sophia Hoeve go 2 x right until you come along Julianatoren. Klimbos is a family theme park with lots of great attractions. Come discover and show you all dare! More than 50 attractions. Make a dizzying ride on the roller coaster, a flight with the Batmuismolen, a terrifying journey through the Haunted Castle of Count Dracula, a nostalgic ride on the Steam Carousel or traveling through the country the gnomes in Gnome Wonderland. Do you like pirates, the sea and the simmering boats? Then a trip on Jul & prime; s Pirate Ship Moby Dick highly recommended.
Apenheul (pass the Julianatoren). 100% playful, stubborn and naughty ... that are naturally active squirrel monkeys! It's amazing how quickly climb the mothers and scrambling with the baby ′ s on their backs. Discover them right above your head or suddenly right in front of your nose. This guarantees special meetings! The apes are to be admired for their beautiful islands. Be surprised by their peculiarities. Making Love and arguing. Vanity and slob. Pests and reconcile. Mother Love and puberty. As you can see monkeys in Apenheul, you see them anywhere! When you ran the last release from the apes?
Dubbelbeek 4, 7333 NJ Apeldoorn Malkenschoten Apeldoorn
The smallest toddler still enjoy the animals in the petting zoo or the carp in the pond to give eat so out of hand. Larger toddlers run quickly to discover the playgrounds. For the bigger kids Binky has an exciting climbing and clambering trail. After playing there are the large covered terrace restaurants. Malkenschoten is a large children's playground in Apeldoorn. They've got a lot of animals. Goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies, (old) donkeys, pigs, ... and a lot of animals that I do not know the name.
Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten
Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten
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Walibi Biddinghuizen
Walibi Holland is an Amusementpark. Are you a real thrillseeker? Hold on! These sensational Thrill Rides will amaze you!
Walibi Biddinghuizen

Waterski Zeumeren Voorthuizen
Included: instruction, waterski and life jacket (obligation) price € 20 one and a half hour.
For rent: Helmet, Wetsuit, Kneeboard, Wakeboard

Waterski Zeumeren Voorthuizen